Jump Rope With Handbags

Don’t you feel better if you’ve feeling super skinny as well as carrying a sexy little Chanel Handbag? I know I do!

Thats why I’ve just taken up jump rope as a quick and effective way to start my day. I’ve managed to nail down a 5 minute high intensity cardio workout each morning to get my heart racing and start up my metabolism for the day.

I never thought that I would enjoy skipping, but my Crossfit friends are always talking about how many double unders they did at today’s WOD, or something like that so I thought I’d give it a go.

And I’m glad I did. I’ve already lost 5 pounds, but I feel absolutely amazing too. Not only have I dropped a dress size, but I’m saving money by working out at home instead of going to the gym, which means more cash to spend on handbags, shoes, dresses and all of my favorite girly accessories!

So for the skipping, I just bought one of the ropes that were reviewed at http://www.bestcrossfitjumprope.com , then came up with a really basic routine. One minute of gradual warm up, 3x 30 second high speed burst followed by 30 second slow skips, and a one minute cool down. I’ll add a few minutes of stretching afterwards too followed by a high protein breakfast.

This sure beats drive for 20 minutes to the gym, working out for an hour, 20 minutes home, and showering up. I can get the whole lot done in no time at home!

Keep these awesome weight loss pills in your chanel handbag

Just one a day keeps the personal trainer away!

That’s what Kelly jokingly said to me anyway when she pulled the bottle of Adiphene from her latest red Chanel bag.

She whispered to me, “This is my secret. I’ve fired my personal trainer, and now these little pills do the job for me!”

I didn’t believe what she was saying. Could one little pill a day really help you to look a sleek and slender as my bestie?

Well, she swears by them. Sure, she doesn’t eat like a horse, and she’s reasonably active, but she still likes to have a piece of cake and and glass of wine with the girls.

Kelly’s tip to me was simple. “Buy Adiphene Online Now!”. She gave me a link to a websites, www.buyadipheneonline.com where I could get a bottle to give it a try. Why not? If it works for her, I’m keen!

I’ll let you know how I go, not sure if I’m game to scoff cafe at the same time, but I might cut back at the gym a bit!

Start your own Chanel Handbag Dropship Business!

Have you ever dreamed of running your own handbag store? Never did anything because the cost of setting up a retail store is too prohibitive?

Well now, we’re living in the internet age and starting your own business has never been easier, or cheaper!

You can run an online commerce store with lower overheads than just the power bill of a normal retail store. You can start a store on ebay, amazon or shopify, find a supplier to drop ship to your customers, and you keep the profits!

Plus as a bonus, you get your handbags at wholesale prices too. Bonus!

I learned how to start my store with the Dropship Lifestyle course, I highly recommend having a good look if you’re keen to start a store too.


Don’t hold a handbag if you’ve Got Warts!

It’s a sad fact, we live in a pretty superficial world.

Everything has to be perfect, and the world is a catwalk as we parade around like life is a 24×7 fashion show.

I love strutting my stuff with a sexy Chanel handbag and nice pair of red high heels, and fortunately I’ve got great skin to go with it.

Not everyone is so lucky though. My bestie Janice has a nasty problem:


Oh yeah. She’s hot as hell otherwise with a tight, slinky body that most of us would die for. But she’s just broken out with some *nasty* warts on her left hand. So what’s the point in carrying a nice, designer bag if you’re trying to hide your hands?

Lucky, another friend hooked me up with a sweet product called Wartrol, which buy all accounts does a lovely job of clearing up this wart problem. She said it only took about three weeks and they were all gone. Nice!

Hopefully, Janice will have the same success too :)

Can a Chanel Bag help you lose weight?

OMG, I found the cutest bag the other day! I’ve soooo got to have it. Gimme gimme gimee :)

The problem is its $497 and if my darling hubby sees that on the credit card, he’s going to spit chips. So I’ve devised a cunning plan…

It’s going to take a few months, but it should just be a matter of putting a few dollars aside each day that I would normally spend on a coffee and a muffin for my morning break at work. Instead, I’ll just grab a box of muesli bars and some nescafe satchels. I’ve worked out that this will save me about $7 a day, or $35 each week.

The interesting thing as a side note is that between the oil in the muffins and sugar in the coffee, compared to the muesli bars and satchel coffee, I should be about to cut about 500 calories a day from my diet! So by the time I have the cash available for my sneaky purchase, I should have drop a good few pounds so I’m going to look damn good while I’m carrying it! Sounds pretty good to me, if I can lose some weight without having to blow good cash on weight loss supplements or gym memberships – just eat a bit better, save some coin and buy a sexy new hand bag!

What do you think girls?

Did you see that big girl with the cute little handbag?

The thing I love about handbags, is that a nice quality bag will make any girl look good! Whether its a Louis Vuiton or a Chanel, fat or skinny, you’re going to look classy.

Of course though, you could always look a little classier by being your ideal size. I’ve always been a bit bigger than I’m comfortable with. I love to get out to the nice restaurants and tend to over indulge (don’t we all!). If you’re like me, you probably hate the gym too.

The other day, something caught my eye while I was flicking through a magazine. There was an article on appetite suppressant supplements. Apprarently, there’s stack of these on the market. Some of them are powders which you can make a shake for breakfast or to replace that mid-morning snack. Others are pill that you take a few times a day, usually before a meal so you feel fuller while you’re eating.

I’d never considered them before, but I think I might give some a try. Any suggestions on what i should start with? Love to hear your ideas ladies!